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Born in Kansas, raised in the Midwest and married her high school sweetheart, Charles Anthony (Tony).   After Tony graduated college in Kansas, they moved to Corvallis Oregon where he completed his Ph.D in Physical Chemistry and where their children were born.  With that degree in hand, they moved their family to New Jersey for about five years.   In 1974, they moved their family to Idaho Falls where Tony would spend the rest of his career at the National Laboratory.   She is a life-time painter whose love of watercolors started in grade one, and grew into a full time occupation, and Tony has been her biggest cheerleader.  


Gloria has been in nearly 70 national, international and regional exhibits and holds Signature Membership in most of the National Watercolor Societies including the American Watercolor Soc. (AWS); the National Watercolor Society (NWS);  the Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA);  Watercolor West (WW); and the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS).  Also she earned Signature Status in one of the oldest Art groups in the USA, Knickerbocker Artists (KA). Sadly Knickerbockers folded shortly after.    She teaches workshops throughout the country and also serves as juror. 

In 1977, she started entering state and regional competitions.  In 1986, she was accepted into her first national exhibition, and in 1991, her first international show.   The list of accepted shows grows annually.  She has had several one, two and three-woman shows, several museum shows, and has work in many Corporate Collections.

Gloria always has great variety in her choice of subjects.  It might be a pile of rocks, a patch of grass, a crowd of people, an animal, or simply a chair; but whatever the subject, the main interest is always  1) design, 2) value (light & dark) and 3) color. Currently there is a strong interest in doing large oversize pieces. Although her main media is purely transparent watercolor she occasionally works in oil, pastel, acrylic, serigraph, ink, or mix-media.

Her art education consisted primarily of keen observation, many books over many years, and thousands of hours spent at painting.  Although she considers herself to be self-taught, in that she's had no formal art education beyond high school; however, she has enjoyed wonderful workshops (usually 3-5 days each) with many great painters. She knows books are great teachers, and her drawing board is her perpetual school desk.  Thousands of paintings result in un purchasable knowledge.   She credits a strong foundation in value structure to the time spent in the 60's working for Hallmark Cards Litho Art Dept. in Kansas City, Missouri.  she worked at doing color separations by hand.   



 2020                   SISTER'S RETROSPECT - With my sister, Sherian Miller Lewis -The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho - Three Months Exhibit


 2020                  WESTERN FEDERATION WATERCOLOR - Boise, ID 


 2018                   IDAHO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY * Travel Show – State-Wide


 2017                    HOUSTON INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION - *Award 2nd place - TX

 2016                   One Woman Show at Lawrence Gallery, OR

 2016                   WATERCOLOR WEST NATIONAL EXHIBIT – Bree, CA *Award


 2014                   In the Footsteps of Thomas Moran Zion National Park Invitational Plein air event

 2014                   Idaho Falls Art Council National Show – ID

 2014                   AMERICAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY – NY,NY-Traveling country one year

 2013                   Served as Artist in Residence on North Rim of Grand Canyon. One month

 2012                   NATIONAL WATERCOLOR SOCIETY, * Awarded Signature Status. CA

 2011                    Two Woman Show at Juniper Sky Gallery in Kayenta, UT Artist Village

 2011                    In The Footsteps of Thomas Moran – Zion National Park Invitational Plein air event

 2011                    IDAHO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY -*Award -Jurors Choice – Traveled Statewide

 2011                    NORTHWEST WATERCOLOR INTERNATIONAL EXHIBIT – Mercer Island, WA

 2011                    Signature Member Invitational NORTHWEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY – Seattle, WA

 2010                   Artist in Residence for Zion National Park – Oct 15 - Nov 15.  UT

 2010                   Featured Artist Zion National Park History Museum – Zion Park, UT


 2009                  AMERICAN WATERCOLOR SOC. Travel Show – New York, NY

 2009                  TRANSPARENT WATERCOLOR OF AMERICA – Kenosha, WI

 2009                  WESTERN COLORADO NATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBIT – Grand Junction, CO

 2008                  PAINT THE PARKS – National Park Exhibit – Travel Show – Topeka, KS            

 2008                  Featured Artist Lawrence Gallery, Salishan Resort, Oregon Beach                      

 2008                 Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA) National Exhibit – Minneapolis, MN  - *The Edgar Whitney Memorial Award

 2008                 IDAHO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY – ID - *Award – the IWS Amy Jones Memorial Award

 2008                 Paint America Top 2008 - National Show, Topeka, KS

 2007                 Three Woman Show at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho.

 2007                 NATIONAL WATERCOLOR SOCIETY - Member Show – CA

 2007                 NORTHWEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY - Signature Membership Invitational, WA

 2006                 Three Woman Show at Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan, OR            

 2006                 PAINT AMERICA TOP 100- National Exhibit - Topeka, KS

 2006                 AMERICAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY - Awarded Signature Membership -Traveling Exhibit - New York, NY   

 2005                 NORTHWEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY – WATERWORKS – Seattle, WA - *Award First Place

 2005                AMERICAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY – Salmagundi Club – New York, NY

 2004                Featured artist at the Lawrence Gallery - Salishan, OR

 2004                NORTHWEST WATERCOLOR Signature Membership Invitational –Seattle, WA

 2004                IDAHO PAINTS IDAHO – State Competition *Award- 2nd Place

 2004                IDAHO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY – *Juror’s Choice Award – ID

 2003                WATERCOLOR WEST – National Exhibit – CA.  *American Artist Magazine Award

 2003                ARTS FOR THE PARKS – National Exhibit – Top 100 Jackson, WY

 2003                IDAHO PAINTS IDAHO – State competition –Traveling Show top 25

 2002                Featured artist at the Dearing Gallery (Oct.) – Taos, NM

 2002                THREE EYES ON ART- a three-woman show – Browns Gallery - Boise, ID


 2000                Northwest Watercolor National Juried Show – Seattle, WA

 1999                  AMERICAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY – Salmagundi Club – New York, NY

 1998                 ALLIED ARTISTS OF AMERICA –National Exhibit all Media – New York, NY

 1998                 WATERCOLOR WEST – International Exhibit – Bree, CA

 1998                 THREE PERSON SHOW – Noyes Gallery – Lincoln, NE

 1997                 ST. GEORGE ART FESTIVAL - St. George, UT. * Award First Place Mixed Media.

 1997                 MARYHILL MUSEUM OF ART - Northwest Regional Juried Exhibition - WA


 1996                THE IFAC ARTS AWARD Presented by the Idaho Falls Arts Council – Idaho Falls, ID


 1995                MID-WEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY National Exhibit - WI

 1995                KNICKERBOCKER ARTISTS -USA, National Exhibit - Sedona, AZ         

 1995                WESTERN COLORADO-National Watercolor Exhibit - Grand Rapids, CO

 1995                NORTH WEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY - National Exhibit - Seattle, WA          

 1995                LEWIS-CLARK Northwest Regional Show and Competition - Lewiston, ID

 1995                ONE-WOMAN SHOW - Rick College - Rexburg, Idaho

 1994                ANCIENT ROCKS AND WILD HORSES ( 2-woman show) - Patio Azul Galleries - Sedona, AZ

 1994                MID-WEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY-National Exhibit - WI -  *Awarded Signature Membership

 1994                RED RIVER National Exhibition - Fargo, North Dakota

 1994                BEST OF THE WEST - Boise State University - Regional Exhibit - ID

 1994                “THREE EYES ON ART” (3-Woman Show) - Twin Falls, Idaho           

 1993                MID-WEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY National Exhibit - Green Bay, Wi

 1993                OKLAHOMA NATIONAL Watercolor Exhibition - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

 1993                WATERCOLOR WEST-National Competition - Fullerton, California - * Awarded Signature Membership in '93

 1993                WATERWORKS ‘93 sponsored by North West Watercolor - Seattle, WA

 1993                WESTERN COLORADO NATIONAL WATERCOLOR - Grand Junction, CO  *Award

 1993                WATERMEDIA ’93-National Exhibit -Montana Watercolor Society - Butte, MT  *Award - Signature Membership in '93

 1993                One Woman Show - WOOD WALLS & STONE - Browns Gallery- Boise, ID

 1992                AWARDED SIGNATURE MEMBERSHIP-North West Watercolor - Seattle, WA

 1992                WATERCOLOR WEST National Competition – Fullerton, CA

 1992                ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBIT- Foothills Art Center -Golden, CO

 1992                WATERMEDIA ‘92-National Exhibit - Hockaday Center for the Arts.  MT

 1992                NORTHWEST WATERCOLOR SOC- National Competition - Washington

 1992                WESTERN COLORADO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY National-Grand Junction, CO *Award

 1991                 SAN DIEGO INTERNATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION - Poway Museum of Art - San Diego, California   *President's Award

 1991                 WESTERN COLORADO NATIONAL - Grand Junction, CO.  *Award

 1990-91         NATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION OF OKLAHOMA - Kirkpatric Museum -  Complex. Oklahoma City, OK *Award in 91

 1991                 Two Woman Show - 'SISTERS II'  (With potter-sculptor sister , Sherian Miller Frey of  Wayne, NE)  Willowtree Gallery - Idaho Falls, Idaho

 1990                MID-WEST WATERCOLOR SOCIETY NATIONAL EXHIBIT - Greenbay, Wisconsin - * TRAVEL SHOW touring Mid-West for year

 1990-91          SEVEN-STATE REGIONAL ART SHOW (MT,WY,ID,SD,UT,NE,&CO) - Cheyenne, WY -  *Award Best of Show

 1990                ARTS FOR THE PARKS TOP 100 ARTISTS  National Parks Academy of the Arts Toured United States for year - Jackson Hole, WY

 1990                One Woman Show – “THE MOTHER EARTH SERIES” - Paintings and Poems by the Artist - Gallery 8  KIFI TV - Idaho Falls, ID

 1990                SPIRIT OF THE WEST - A state-wide juried traveling exhibit celebrating the Idaho Centennial - toured 32 towns in Idaho

 1989                NAMPA CENTENNIAL ART SHOW - State competition - Nampa, Idaho - * Award Best of Show

 1989-90         SNAKE RIVER COMPETITIVE - A four-state regional (MT,OR,WY,ID) - Idaho Falls,ID - *Award Second Place in 1989

 1989                One Woman Show  CANYON WALL SERIES   Corner Gallery - Idaho Falls, Idaho

 1989                40TH ANNUAL SPRING SHOW  - Eagle Rock Gallery - Idaho Falls, Idaho - *Featured Artist

 1988                WATERMEDIA '88 NATIONAL EXHIBITION - Museum of the Rockies - Bozeman, MT.  *Award Jurors Choice

 1988                Two Woman Show  "SISTERS"  (with potter-sculptor sister, Sherian Miller Frey) Norfolk Center for the Arts - Norfolk, Nebraska

 1987-90         LEWISTON INVITATIONAL ART EXHIBIT   Lewis & Clark St. College - Lewiston, Idaho

 1989,87,86    ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION - Golden, Colorado *Award Brass Cheque in 1987                               

 1988,86          NORTHWEST WATERCOLOR EXHIBITION - Pacific Northwest Regional - Bellevue, Washington

 1987-88         WATERCOLOR WEST NATIONAL EXHIBIT - Fullerton, California - *Granted Juried Associate Member Status '88

 1986               Three Woman Show  “THREE EYES ON ART”   touring the state of Idaho ( 5 cities)

 1985               IDAHO WATERCOLOR SOCIETY   Granted Signature Membership in IWS for winning *Awards for 3 years - 

                                    * Awards won in 83,84,85,87,88,89,& 90 etc.

 1983               FEATURED ARTIST  East Idaho State Fair 

 1982-83       SPRINGVILLE NATIONAL APRIL SALON - Springville Museum -Springville, Utah

 1979               BLACK HILLS TWELVE-STATE REGIONAL- South Dakota  *Award First Place in Watercolor 

 1978               SNAKE RIVER COUNTRY ART SHOW- Idaho Falls, ID  *Award Silver Medal

 1977               SNAKE RIVER COUNTRY ART SHOW- Idaho Falls, ID  *Award Bronze Medal




2010                 Best of Worldwide Watermedia Artists Vol_I – Kennedy Publishing

2010                 Featured in AMERICAN ARTIST – WATERCOLOR - June issue

2007                St. George Art Museum Permanent Collection – St. George, UT                 

2006               Featured in IDAHO FALLS MAGAZINE – Sept. issue

2005  2010 2025   EAGLE ROCK ART MUSEUM Permanent Collection, Idaho Falls, ID

2004               FINCH & BROADBENT, PA  Law Office, Boise, ID  *Purchase Award Idaho Watercolor Soc.

2003               Commissioned by City of Idaho Falls to paint Civic Auditorium for 50th Anniversary

2002                Featured in TAOS MAGAZINE  October issue

2002                HEMATOLOGY & ONCOLOGY Associates of Eastern Idaho –Idaho Falls, ID

2001                 TETON WOMEN'S CLINIC. Oldroyd Offices.  Idaho Falls, ID

2000                HAWLEY TROXELL LAW FIRM – Boise, ID

2000                IDAHO GASTROENTEROLOGY – Boise, ID

2000                BANK OF IDAHO – Idaho Falls, ID

1999                  LUKE'S HOSPITAL – Boise, ID

1999                  GASTROENTEROLOGY – Boise, ID

1999                  NORTHWEST COSMETICS LABORATORIES – Idaho Falls, ID

1998                  PRIMARY HEALTH – Mountain Home, ID

1998                  BLUE CROSS OF IDAHO – Boise, ID

1997                  HEALTH WISE CLINIC – Boise, ID

1996                  MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE - Mountain Home, ID (3 pieces)

1996                  EASTERN IDAHO STATE BANK    * Purchase award

1996                  Painting published in CREATIVE WATERCOLOR by Mary Ann Beckwith published by Rockport Publishing Co. Rockport, MS

1995                  KEY BANK - Boise, ID placed by Artists Unlimited -

1995                 *Commissioned by Democrats- a painting of GOVERNOR CECIL ANDRUS

1995                  FIRST SECURITY BANK  - Colorado

1995                  UNIVERSAL FROZEN FOODS - Twin Falls, ID

1995                  Painting for GOVERNOR CECIL ANDRUS - Gift from the Democratic Party in Idaho

1994                  Featured in WATERCOLOR '94 issue of AMERICAN ARTIST MAGAZINE

1991& 92          CITY OF ST GEORGE ART MUSEUM – Permanent Collection - St. George, Utah

1991                   ALBERTSON’S Corporate Headquarters IDAHO ART COLLECTION -  5 pieces - boise, Idaho

1991                   CITY of Idaho Falls....MAYOR”S OFFICE

1990                  KIFI TV  8  GALLERY 8   - Television Station, Idaho Falls, ID

1990                  ALBERTSON’S Corporate Headquarters IDAHO ART COLLECTION  2 pieces - Boise

1990                  BHC HEALTH CENTER- Idaho Falls, Idaho  (numerous original  pieces)

1990                  KEY BANK Collection - Boise, Idaho

1989                  BONNEVILLE HISTORICAL MUSEUM  - Idaho Falls, Idaho

1989                  Idaho State University, University of Idaho, Boise State University, and Eastern Idaho Technical College all have “We The People” print.

1989                  Commissioned to design 30 page Coloring Book for HARRIMAN STATE PARK - Island Park, Idaho

1989                  Cover Design for NORTHWEST ARTISTS CALENDAR - CFPR Publications - Portland, Oregon

1989                  Gov. Cecil Andrus, Congressman Richard Stallings, and Mayor Tom Campbell - "We the People of Idaho" prints

1989                  MAGAN MEDICAL CLINIC - Riverside, California

1988,89,90,91  REDLAND'S COMMUNITY HOSPITAL’S   "HEALING ARTS COLLECTION" - numerous  originals pieces  - Redlands, California

1988                  NAMPA HOSPITAL - Nampa, Idaho

1988                  EAGLE ROCK ART MUSEUM Guild Permanent Collection - Idaho Falls, ID

1987                  *Commission - Idaho Commemorative painting "WE THE PEOPLE OF IDAHO" 

                                               Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the US Constitution and Idaho’s 100 Birthday

                                               Original hangs in the State Office Building - Idaho Falls, Idaho

1987                 SAMARITAN COUNSELING CENTER - Portland, Oregon.

1987                 FIRST SECURITY BANK  - Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

1987                 Coeur d' Alene Lake Resort - HAGADONE Corporation - Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

1985                THE POST REGISTER Newspaper Offices- Idaho Falls, Idaho



                                                                   SIGNATURE MEMBERSHIPS

                                                   Signature Memberships:  Note, signature membership in these societies is earned.


                                                      American Watercolor Society (AWS) ……………………..….......New York, NY

                                                      National Watercolor Society (NWS) ……………………………………............….CA

                                                      Transparent Watercolor Society of America (TWSA)……....…………………WI

                                                      Watercolor West (WW) ………………………….....................……………............…CA

                                                      Knickerbocker Artists –USA  (KA) ……………….No longer exists ...…....USA

                                                      Northwest Watercolor Society  NWWS ………………………..….…………........WA

                                                      Western Colorado Watercolor Society …………………….…………...........……..CO

                                                      Montana Watercolor Society ………………………............….….……...........………MT

                                                      Idaho Watercolor Society……………………….....………….........................……….…ID

                                                              CURRENT GALLERY ASSOCIATIONS

                                                                                               Eagle Rock Gallery – Idaho

                                                                                               Juniper Sky Gallery - Utah

                                                                                               Gallery 12 – Idaho Falls, ID

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