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IWS Outstanding large 2019.jpg

Outstanding  - full sheet watercolor

Divided - .jpg

 I love working in series - some of which last for a long time.  My Canyon Wall Series has been a major one for many years.  It started with a 90 mile white-water float trip down the Salmon River (The River of No Return).  For one solid week we were in a deep canyon and the idea to paint rock walls became a life-time pursuit.  I love being able to design abstracts but with a recognizable subject They have done well for me in exhibitions.  

A Safe Landing Place book.jpg
Gloria in studio.tif

Small Title


A Safe Place to Land - 16 x 20

Allen, Gloria Miller, Grandstand, waterc

    Grand Stand - oversize elephant sheet

    Canyon Verde - oversize elephant sheet  sold

            Crack in the Wall - full sheet  sold

unknown .jpg

    Near Flaming Gorge - half sheet

Center Piece .jpg

         Center Stage - oversize elephant sheet

Examples From a Few Other Series.    

Back Porch 1988.jpg

      half sheet  sold

Americana Series 

Slat-Backs-1990 copy.jpg
Brick-a-Brac-1988 x.jpg

    Slat-Backs - oversize elephant sheet  sold

      half sheet  sold

Green Door X.jpg

      half sheet  sold

Tea for Two.jpg

      quarter sheet   sold

Richelle's Chair 1992 copy.jpg

      quarter sheet   sold

Barn Idaho 2012.jpg

      half sheet - cut horizontally  sold


      quarter sheet   sold

Dock Work.jpg

      full  sheet

Boat Series

The Boat Series came from my long associations with galleries in the coastal Pacific North West

Salty Dog 2.jpg

      quarter sheet   sold

Seven Little Boats 2000.jpg
Gathering Place  300dpi.jpg

      quarter sheet   sold

Experienced II Xlibris copy.jpg

      quarter sheet   sold

  People Series

     oversized elephant  sheet   sold

Delemia in Dublin 2016.JPG
Allen_Gloria Miller_Anne_.jpg

     Dublin Dilemma - full  sheet   sold

      half sheet

     Prime Time for Anne- full  sheet

Pilgram Series 2  Where Do We Go Now 201

Where Shall We Go? - mixed media - full  sheet


African Trade Beads, 2014.jpg

     African Trade-Beads - full  sheet

Pilgrim #4 Midnight Where Next.jpg

It's Midnight - Look Where All We've Been - Mixed Media - full sheet - 2020

Pilgrim Series #3 Shall We Go That Way.j

Let's Go This Way - Mixed Media -     full sheet  - 2020

Zimbabwe LR.jpg

  Zimbabwe - oversize elephant sheet   sold

Allen, Gloria Miller, April Violet, wate

    April Violets - full  sheet

JEB and the Pioneer .jpeg.jpg

    JEB and the Pioneer - full  sheet

Northwest Atmosphere Gloria Miller Allen

Earthscape Series

October Aspens JMatheney copy.jpg
Mt Baker sketch.tif
Northwest Woods and Waterfall.jpg

    Pacific Northwest Atmosphere - oversize elephant sheet    sold

     full  sheet   sold

    full  sheet   sold

     quarter sheet    sold

     quarter sheet

   Gloria Demonstrating - Las Vegas

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