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    My Art Books

                               I THINK ~ THEREFORE I ART

is a bit philosophical and instructional in nature.  It is mostly concerned with developing confidence in yourself as an artist and growing confident in your drawing abilities and artistic skills.  Drawing is simply a skill and you can learn it if you choose to. 


Being an artist is simply a way of living your life.   Naming and claiming  yourself as an artist and working seriously and independently to develop the skills required, is a fundamental rite of passage for those of us who want an authentic and genuine relationship with the artist archetype.  Only you know if you are one of those people.  Mostly nobody else knows or even cares.  If you want to connect or re-connect with your artistic self and your love of drawing, then this little book is written for you. 


is more of a coffee-table book available in both hard cover and soft cover.  It is a selection of poems and paintings created over 40 years of my own life.  I used to argue with myself wondering if I was a painter that wrote poetry, or a poet that painted.  Somewhere along the road, I finally named and claimed both of these endeavors equally as my own.  That was a happy acceptance.  

This book is full of images created with both words and watercolors.   I find very many people who love poetry, also write poetry.  Therefore, I invite all the kindred spirits of writers and painters as well as all those people who simply enjoy reading and seeing the work of another human, to join me within the pages of this legacy book.


Both books can be purchased from but for an autographed copy (and a better price on FOUR DECADES OF PAINTINGS AND POETRY)  you can order one directly from me.

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