I teach workshops around the country and also serve as juror for watercolor exhibitions.   I have been living life as an artist for most of my life and feel it's an honor to be able to share some of what I've come to know with other people of like mind and a desire to further their own capabilities.  By doing so, I further my own as well.  It's such a "win-win."  I enjoy meeting and working with artists in every possible stage of their own artistic journeys.  Every class seems to have a spirit all it's own. 

I'm a believer in academic studies, and my workshops are full of such studies - each one specifically designed to help people gain confidence in what they want to accomplish with their work. I believe we humans have not only a desire, but also an ability and even a necessity to work toward our personal goals.  Our goals can be about life itself, or our art, and  for most "art people", like us, our lives and our art are inseparable. 

                                     Art is a life-style  

                   WORKSHOP GOALS


It's an inspiring thing to see what people can bring up out of themselves when they have a little confidence and can give themselves permission to build on that confidence by working hard at their skills.  I certainly remember when my own confidence level was not so good, and I know that working on our skill levels brings that confidence piece by piece.  That is when magic begins to happen inside us and in our work as well.  


It is a major goal in each workshop to build on confidence and to help quiet down our internal voices that say words like "worry", "fear", "intimidation", "inadequacy" and "unworthiness".  


The academic exercises we do in class can be worked on many times after class and will build toward that confidence goal.  We all want this, and when I teach, it always resets my own thoughts about "doing the necessary work".  Fortunately, we love doing this WORK, and that is what makes us authentic.

Memories of the Steam Punk Exhibit  - 2019 -  full sheet

  Scheduled Workshops

Pedestrian Right-of-Way  -  full sheet

Beginners and Pros Welcome:


Students of all levels are welcome, because the goal is for each of us to take further steps toward our individual advancement toward our own artistic goals and on our won artistic paths - no matter where you are right now.  


Everyone was a beginner once. Most of my workshops are a mixture.  Almost always at least one total beginner, and almost always several professionals.  It all works great and we all learn from each other.  It's an environment of positives. 

Teaching in Las Vegas 2017 


Dillman's Creative Art Workshops

Date: September 20 - 25

Location: Lac du flambeau, Wisconsin 

                  Dillman's Artist Resort

Contact: Sue Robertson



                  Fax: 715-588-3110


Annual Light on the Reef

Utah Watercolor Society Plein Air

Arts in the National Parks Event

Date: May 26 - 31, 2020 Postponed until October

Location: Capitol Reef National Park - Utah

Contact: Marci Milligan (from the park)


                  1 801- 509-1287

             or Maggie Harrison (Utah Watercolor Soc.)


The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho

Date:  Spring 2020 - Date pending on the Corona-virus 

Location:  The Art Museum - Idaho Falls, ID

Contact:  Alexa Stanger





South Washington Watercolor Society

Date: September 29 - Oct 2  2021

Location: Vancouver, WA

Contact: Rita Bingham


               1-360-263-1811 - home

               1-360-936-2776 - cell

The Young Mechanic - quarter sheet

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